Interpreter Training

The Interpreter’s Lab courses are taught by experienced educators that have extensive knowledge of the community interpreting field – that includes interpreting in health, legal and social service settings. Our students are introduced to the skills, techniques, professional standards, knowledge and competencies necessary to succeed as community interpreters. Our curriculum has been developed based on the National Standards Guide for Community Interpreting Services (NSGCIS), (which can be found in our Resources Section) and the extensive expertise and knowledge of our instructors.

You can register and take the full 4-program package or take each course one-by-one. Note that Interpreting in Community Settings is a prerequisite for all other courses.

How do we teach you?

The Interpreter’s Lab courses are blended learning models. This means that we bring together both instructor-led lessons and self-directed content to give students better access, and even more learning. Instructor-led sessions are the typical classroom – online and offline, and self-directed components can be done on your own time, as you wish and when it is convenient for you.

Regardless of the lesson format, an instructor will always be available to support your learning.

All courses include the following components: Live sessions (live means online or offline with an instructor), self-directed study and homework assignments

In addition to the convenience, improved access, efficiency and flexibility that our new Blended Learning model gives students, our programs also provide more learning than ever before.

How does that happen?

Because students interact with the instructors, course materials and related content in 3 different ways, making learning engaging and making you a better interpreter.

Plus, when you register for course at The Interpreter’s Lab you receive additional benefits:

  • Access to online content for up to 3 months
  • Access to future live course lessons for up to 6 months to make-up any missed lessons - FREE

Learning, on your timeline.

Level 1 courses – Interpreting in Community Settings – is 20-hours ofinstruction, plus additional independent learning and course assignments. In total students should expect to invest between 30 – 35 hours of their time to learning.

Level 2 courses - Interpreting in Healthcare Settings and Interpreting in Legal Settings – includes 30 hours of instructor led content, plus additional independent learning and course assignments. In total students should expect to invest between 50 – 60 hours of their time to learning.

Level 3 courses - Interpreting in Mental Health Settings includes 25 hours of instructor led content, plus special guest speakers and additional independent learning and course assignments. In total students should expect to invest between 40 – 45 hours of their time to learning.

NEW THIS YEAR: The (Canadian) Interpreter’s Guide to Everything: A 360 View

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This self-directed, online course provides you with all the answers that you rarely get in a classroom, but that are critical to your success as an interpreter. This handy resource is online, and driven by your schedule. Access it as often as you wish, whenever you wish. Full of resources, links and tools to help you start or grow your interpreting practice. This short-course will give you the answers to the questions you’ve been asking about: GST, business structure, certification, professional development, career pathways, and more. Includes downloadable worksheets and handouts.

Special introductory price of $97 until March 20th, 2020.
Regular Fee: $197 (starting March 21, 2020)



Interpreting in Community Settings

35-hour level 1 course
ONLINE: $497 + GST

Working as a community interpreter is a dynamic and exciting career. Interpreting is a highly specialized profession that requires strong inter-personal and language skills - in addition to critical knowledge and ability. This lively, intensive short-course program covers core skills and competencies required of interpreters and provides a good overview for new interpreters.

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Interpreting in Healthcare Settings

50-hour Level 2 Course
ONLINE: $797 + GST

Interpreting in Healthcare Settings can be an emotionally challenging, but rewarding, context for interpreters. This course, is a second level program that provides fundamental skills to allow interpreters to work in healthcare settings confidently. This course covers medical and health care terminology, the role of the interpreter in healthcare settings, the health care system, cultural differences in health and wellness, and much more.

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Interpreting in Mental Health Settings

45-hour level 3 course
ONLINE: $897 + GST

Mental health settings can be one of the most complex of all the interpreting contexts. Combining health, culture, communication, the interpreter must navigate sensitive communication processes. This engaging and intensive educational program provides a unique training opportunity, the only one of its kind in Canada. This program will give interpreters the additional competencies to work in an area where specifically trained interpreters are in demand.

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Interpreting in Legal Settings

50-hour level 2 course
ONLINE: $897 + GST

Interpreting in legal settings requires a highly specialised knowledge of the law, legal language and legal/court procedures. This short-course is an intensive introduction to working in legal settings and the Canadian court system. It will provide students with a foundation to get them working in diverse legal settings such as the courtroom, tribunals, local police and RCMP settings – as well as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) offices.

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