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Calling all past students – take the Interpreting in Community Settings course, get refreshed, get your continuing education units done, and pay only $197 (that’s a $300 savings!)*

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Coupon code randr2020 (note – returning TIL students only)

What a year it has been.

To say it has been a tough or challenging year is an understatement. From our personal lives to our workday lives, I imagine that most of us have felt the impact of all that this year has sent our way and felt it on many levels.

It is said that when external conditions force adjustment upon us, it is best to contemplate the positive instead of dwelling in the negative. I do not offer this observation lightly: as some of our students know, we here at The Interpreter’s Lab have been touched by loss and sadness in our own personal lives in recent months and so to consider the light rather than the dark is advice that we have also been following.

The quiet time that resulted as a change to everyone’s schedules allowed the team at The Interpreter’s Lab to review and reflect on our own programs and offerings.
Moving to an online learning organization was something that we had planned several years ago, not ever foreseeing the events of this year and how the move to online teaching was a fortunate chain of actions given the pandemic response.

When we first shifted our courses to the online blended learning, some of our students hesitated to join a virtual course, fearing that the technology would be too confusing, that there would be no interaction with other students, and other concerns. But once they actually participated in a class, they could not stop saying how much better online is!

Because we want you all to know just how much better online can be, from now until December 31, 2020, previous TIL students can sign on to our Interpreting in Community Settings Course – online – for only $197 (that is a $300 savings!) – less than $6 per hour for expert content and instruction.

Not only do you get to experience the online environment, you also get:

  • An opportunity to take a refresher/update on your skills
  • Learn new content – our courses are continuously being updated with the best and latest resources and information
  • Learn how to navigate an online environment (useful if you have made or are making the shift to remote interpreting)
  • Receive an actual Certificate of Completion as all of our courses now include a final exam

Think of it as an opportunity to take a refresher course for 1/3 of the price.

“People of different backgrounds and experience come together to learn and share. Comfortable learning environment to learn community interpreting. Practical knowledge, case studies and videos that give me a clearer picture of how interpreting world is like as it is hard to understand without examples. I enjoy this online class; it saves me so much traveling time. And it’s actually better than I expected how an online course would be. Being able to interact with everybody online is a plus.”
Student – Interpreting in Healthcare Settings, Spring 2019

The Interpreter’s Lab has been providing interpreter education since 2012. In 2019 all of our programs were fully online which means that for 7 years we delivered our courses in a real, live, physical classroom. The shift to online, blended teaching was done once we realized how much better it could be for our students for multiple reasons:

  • More content and resources for students
  • Longer duration/time for students to access course content
  • Multiple instructors
  • Opportunity to watch the recorded lessons if a student misses a class or if they just want to re-watch the lesson

Not to mention no driving or taking public transit, no parking, and no extra costs and time.

So, in this time of change, and as many of you may have some extra time and energy, we want to extend a special offer to all our former students that have taken a course with The Interpreter’s Lab prior to 2018. This is for all those students that participated in a traditional, physical classroom and that have never taken an online course with us.

The next course start September 8, 2020. Register NOW

…Not ready or too soon?
Then register for our October** course.

USE COUPON CODE randr2020 to get your $300 discount*

As long as you take any one of the 2 Interpreting in Community Settings courses available before December 31, 2020 you qualify for the reduced fee.

*NOTE: This offer is only for returning students that have not yet taken an online course with The Interpreter’s Lab.
** NOTE: The Interpreter’s Lab reserves the right to make schedule changes as required. It is recommended to register for the September course to avoid any disappointment should the October course be rescheduled to 2021.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes to our course schedule

This fall, The Interpreter’s Lab will be undergoing an organizational improvement plan.

We hope to build, and offer, improved courses and programs for our clients and students, and an improved student experience.

To take full advantage of this opportunity, we have decided to limit the number of courses being offered in fall 2020.

What this may mean for you:

  • Only 1 to 2 sessions of Interpreting in Community Settings* will be offered (September and October).
  • There will be NO Interpreting in Healthcare Settings course offered in fall 2020**
  • The Interpreting in Mental Health Settings course will not be offered again until fall 2021. We encourage students to take advantage of this course offering at this time to not delay your training.

We apologize if these schedule changes cause any inconvenience but we know that ultimately you, our students and clients, will benefit from these improvements.

*NOTE: we strongly encourage people to register for the September 8th course as we may reschedule the October session to 2021
**NOTE: If you wish to take the Interpreting in Healthcare Settings this year, please email us to be added to the wait-list

Stayed tuned for an even better Interpreter’s Lab!