Interpreting in Community Settings – A Foundational Program

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May 24 – June 28
Wednesdays 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

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Working as a community interpreter is a dynamic and exciting career. Interpreting is a highly specialized profession that requires strong interpersonal and language skills – in addition to critical knowledge and abilities.

This lively, intensive short-course program covers core skills and competencies required of interpreters, provides a good overview for new interpreters, and will get you started working, as well as ready to take our advanced courses.

This course will also prepare you to work in a range of settings and government offices and give you a solid foundation to prepare for the CTTIC exam and become a Certified Community Interpreter.

Course Content

  • The Role of the Community Interpreter
  • Core Competences for Interpreters (Memory Skills, Note-Taking, Listening and Comprehension)
  • Communication Skills for Interpreters
  • Consecutive Interpreting Method
  • Sight Translation Skills
  • Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Interpreting Settings and Protocols
  • The Interpreting Marketplace – How to get and retain contracts


  • Interactive role–plays, case studies, and lectures
  • Resources and Links
  • Student Manual included

Course Certificate:

Students that successfully complete this program will receive a Certificate of Completion

Where Bilinguals Come to Learn

A Real Classroom with Real Instructors

What makes The Interpreter’s Lab different is US, the TIL Team – our passion for this work, and our love of teaching. Our courses have been developed with students in mind. Our commitment to your success is our driving motivation. 

All of our courses include the following features:

Flexible Attendance: Learning is best achieved by participating in all the live lessons, but we know that things happen. If you cannot make a lesson, you can catch up by watching the recording of the session.

Extended Access to Training Program: All students have unlimited access to the training program for a period of 3 months from the start of the program. This access includes all the modules, the assignments, resources and the live classroom recordings.
Free Exam: All students are expected to complete the final exam with a 75% grade to qualify for a Certificate of Completion. Students are allowed two attempts at NO CHARGE during the course access period of 3 months.

The Learning Format

Live Instruction/Blended Learning

This course is taught in The Interpreter’s Lab blended learning model which brings together instructor-led lessons and self-directed content that students can complete in their own time.

  • Instructor-led lessons are conducted in a typical classroom setting – in real-time and online
  • Self-directed modules can be done on your own time, as you wish and when it is convenient for you. to give students better access, and more learning options.

Regardless of the lesson format, an instructor will always be available to support your learning.

All courses include the following components:

  1. Live sessions (live means online or offline with an instructor)
  2. Self-directed study
  3. Practical offline assignments

In addition to the convenience, improved access, efficiency, and flexibility that our Blended Learning model gives all our students, the model also allows for continuous updating of resources and links – giving students more learning than ever before.

Length: 35 hours – 15 hours of live instruction, plus an approximate 15 – 20 hours of online, self-directed course materials and assignments.


Material and Technical Requirements

  • Desktop or laptop computer (smartphones or tablets are NOT recommended)
  • Zoom (recent version)
  • Headset / webcam
  • Stable internet (preferably high-speed)
  • Ethernet cable (suggested)
  • Additional device for self-recording (can be a smartphone or voice recorder – must be able to rewind and listen on-demand without issues)
  • Notepad, pen/pencil
  • Ability to access email/online browser simultaneous to the lesson

Why is this course important?

Bilingualism, the ability to speak two languages, is a foundational skill and a necessity when it comes to language interpreting but being bilingual is only one of the important components that make a professional interpreter. Unlike translators, interpreters work in spoken or signed language, while translators use their professional skills in written form. In addition to language, interpreters must also master the critical mental, ethical and professional skills to perform the work properly.

This course teaches bilinguals the important building blocks for working as an interpreter in general, community-based settings, and also sets the foundation for you to continue your learning to work as a medical or court interpreter.

Who should attend?

This course is for bilinguals that are fluent* in their two languages and want to transition into a career as an interpreter. This course also serves as a great refresher program for practicing interpreters that have not been in a learning environment for some time. 

The Interpreting in Community Settings is a prerequisite for all our other training programs offered at The Interpreters Lab, but also gives a student the solid foundation to start working immediately upon completion.

*NOTE: Fluency is understood as the ability to speak, read and write in a language with accuracy and ease on a variety of general topics. This course will not focus on translation – the written form of language conversion – but students will be required to read in English and their other working language.

View The Interpreter’s Lab – Policy on Attendance and Certificates

Participants must be online, and visible, with their name visible (ensure your name is correctly spelled upon signing in) during the session. To receive a Certificate of Attendance for all Professional Development Workshops and Masterclass courses, participants must in attendance for the full session. Participants must complete any handouts or worksheets as/if and how required by the attending instructor.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions, participate in the chat, and complete any follow-up evaluation or feedback forms.

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