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A featured guest speaker on The Interpreter’s Lab's Professional Development Series. 

Change Your Accent provides both Independent Learning and one-on-one programs to help individuals reduce their accents, and improve their articulation. Now being offered at a very low price, Change your Accent is a highly recommended program that has been developed by Speech Therapists Desh and Marie-Claude, both of whom have over 20 years in the speech-language field.**

Program Information

Change Your Accent - Independent Learning*

Individuals receive a comprehensive, tested and proven accent reduction method including an eBook, videos and worksheets for rapid and efficient learning. This program allows you to access the knowledge of highly-qualified specialists from the comfort of your own home — and at your own pace. Discover focused accent training that saves time and gets results!

Our independent learning program includes our exciting new 345 page eBook "Change Your Accent: English Pronunciation for Success" and over 50 easy to use instructional video lessons. The book, written by Speech Therapists Desh and Marie-Claude, systematically guides you through our program so you can achieve your goals. Self-testing, skill-building accent exercises and key techniques are all covered as you focus on English pronunciation, grammar, voice, melody and social and nonverbal communication.

Your English speaking skills will improve as you develop a goal-oriented plan to change your accent in everyday situations.

Your one-year unlimited access to more than 50 essential video lessons allows you to practice all of the English speaking skills required for clear and confident speech. These videos ensure clients have an opportunity to see, hear, and copy speech samples.

Videos help clients to say English sounds, practice everyday phrases, copy high frequency English words, use contractions and stress, improve voice, and focus on clear speech techniques. Our video library offers easy-to-follow instructions and straightforward models who are Master's trained Speech Therapists and use a standard North American accent. Printable worksheets to support your learning are also provided. ​

*Content taken from the Change Your Accent website

Key Features

  • Over 300 page eBook - Includes Self-Testing, Skill-Building Materials and Key Techniques: Link to eBook
  • 1 Year Unlimited Access to Over 50 Instructional Videos - Learn How to Say English Sounds, Practice Everyday Phrases, Use Clear Strategies and Much More: Link to Video Lessons
  • Self-Assessment – Evaluate your Communication, Including English Pronunciation, With Our EBook
  • Printable Worksheets


**The Interpreter's Lab is not affiliated with Change Your Accent. This recommendation is solely provided as a resource to our students should they wish to improve their speaking skills.