Professional Development

About The Interpreter's Lab Professional Development Series:

The Interpreter's Lab was designed as a meeting place for Interpreters - a place of exchange and learning. Our many years of service in this industry led us to create sessions that are meaningful for Community Interpreters - but, ultimately, it's you, the Interpreter, that knows best what you need. We give you the forum where talent, resources, and process all come together.

Our monthly sessions have been designed with careful consideration to the comments we have heard over the years, through our work and courses.

Interpreter’s Lab Professional Development Series Schedule

2019 Schedule

February - Online Presentation

Blended Learning - what is it, why did we go there and why is it a better way to both teach and learn. Find out what research is behind the Blended Learning model and why The Interpreter's Lab has moved its courses online. Plus, listen to the experiences of past students and get a tour through our online curriculum. It will be FUN and INFORMATIVE.

March 21 - How to Financially Manage a Freelance Business with guest speaker Tammy Johnston of The Financial Guides - The Financial Guides 

April 18 - Medical Assistance in Dying (and other challenging settings)

May 16 - A Focus on Mental Health and Interpreter Self-Care Strategies

June 27 - Sneak Peek into the work of the International Standards Committee TC37

Ever wonder what happens at those international meetings where standards are drafted? Join us behind the scenes and the annual international meeting of ISO TC37 and meet some of the experts.

(note this session is being held earlier in the month than usual)

July 18 - WHAT?! Did she really say that? The art of interpreting profane and vulgar words

August - enjoy your summer holiday 

September 19 - Interpreting is a Performance Art (really, it is)

Learn interpreting skills (listening, speaking, etc) in a whole new way. Stay tuned for more.

(note this session will be held live, off-line, and may change to the Wednesday )

October - Strategies for Interpreters working with Speech Language Therapists - another complex care setting with Speech Language Therapists as guests

November - A Year in Review and a Year in View

Special Programs and Workshops


What are TermHacks? 

Short-course workshops that are intended to give interpreters additional skills and knowledge that build on their current abilities and also teach them how to start a self-guided learning plan.

These 3-hour short-course sessions will build on core concepts and research methods in one of 3 areas, while facilitating ongoing, independent learning.

Choose from 3 terminology groupings or take all three sessions.

  1. TermHacks Medical (April 13, 9:30 - 12:30)
  2. TermHacks Legal (May TBD)
  3. TermHacks Community/Public Services (September TBD)

All workshops are online and will be recorded.

Registered students will have access to the recordings for up to 15 days after the session.