Professional Development

Professional Development at The Interpreter's Lab 

Join us this year for a stellar lineup of expert speakers presenting highly relevant topics that will give you the materials, knowledge, resources, AND skills not only for your professional development but also your personal and practice development. See the full list of monthly workshops below

Become an annual member of The Interpreter's Lab Professional Development Workshop Series, save over $175 and receive member benefits | Sign up to be a member HERE

An annual membership of $100, paid at time of initial registration, will give you:

  • Access to ALL of the sessions at no additional fees, ever
  • A Certificate of Attendance for each session 
  • No need to purchase each month individually (you will be emailed a simple registration link for Zoom to confirm your attendance)
  • No extra fees for special sessions
  • All members will be included in an annual draw for a book prize - 3 annual prizes to be given in December of each year

Here, at The Interpreter's Lab, we recognize that as our profession grows, opportunities for professional development become even more important. Many agencies and professional memberships require a certain number of professional development hours, for which our workshops have been approved.

The 2021 Workshop Series

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Get your professional development at the lab: consistent, relevant, and timely workshops delivered by expert speakers for less than $10 a month* with our Annual Membership.

Find out more and register for the 2021 ProD Schedule here!

The Annual Membership is not obligatory. Participants can still continue to select individual sessions, which will be charged at $25 per session (more for special sessions).

However, if you plan to attend 4 or more workshops, an annual membership may be the better option.

$100 for 11 sessions - that is $175 or more in savings!

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We know you will enjoy this year’s list of curated speakers and topics.

Have an idea for a topic, or maybe you know of someone who would be the perfect speaker? Send us an email and let us know! Email us at with your ideas and feedback.

The Lab is YOUR place to meet, greet, learn and share.