Professional Development

Masterclass 2022 - Ready, Set, Go! Interpreting in Remote Settings

Join us October 8th for an intensive, 4.5 hour workshop session on working in remote settings. 


Get set up RIGHT from the start. Evenlyn Cervantes is an accomplished conference interpreter and online interpreter instructor who has educated interpreters across North and Central America, teaching them how to work in the simultaneous mode for remote settings. In 2009, she became Operations Liaison SLS (Senior Language Specialist) responsible for Quality Assurance Supervision and Interpreting Skills Trainer Back-up in different areas, including Community, Medical, Insurance, Finance, and Court training courses. She was responsible for assuring the quality of interpretation by monitoring and assessing consecutive interpretation skills of the global workforce in Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US. She is the current Chairperson for the Costa Rica Chapter of IMIA since 2014. Using her talent as a dynamic, experienced instructor, Evelyn has been a Quality Monitoring Specialist for AMN Healthcare Language Services for the last 6 years, specializing in video remote medical interpretation services.