Dr. Debra Russell to Launch The Interpreter’s Lab  2023 Professional Development Series. 

The Interpreter’s Lab is honoured to have Dr. Debra Russell as the first presenter for this year’s Professional Development Speaker Series. With over 30 years of experience in the interpreting field working as an ASL interpreter, interpreter educator, and consultant, our esteemed colleague, Dr. Russel, will be leading an important session on The Role of Questioning in Legal Settings. Join us on Thursday, January 19th. It is not too late to register. 

Dr. Russell’s session will cover the different questioning techniques employed in legal settings and courtrooms, highlighting their importance and modes of application while guiding us in exploring the different techniques that are deliberately and professionally employed. Interpreters working in legal, court, and law enforcement settings will benefit from learning the intent behind the questions, so that they can accurately interpret the message. 

If you cannot attend this professional development session, but want to learn more about how to successfully and professionally work in legal, court and law enforcement settings, we encourage you to enroll in the Interpreting in Court and Legal Settings training course. Dr. Russell will be our guest instructor this year – with over 30 years experience as an interpreter, researcher, and interpreter educator  as well as her expertise in legal settings – her teaching is sure to give you an incredible foundation as a legal and court interpreter. Interpreting in Court and Legal Settings starts May 2, 2023. 

You can register for this, and any upcoming sessions offered by The Interpreter’s Lab, on our website. Our Professional Development Sessions are a monthly feature, designed to further your education by introducing an expertly curated list of topics presented by different speakers who are experts in their respective fields. They can be attended as monthly stand alone sessions, or in tandem with our Interpreter Training classes, which provide in depth interpreting knowledge in legal, healthcare and community settings.

Further information about the classes we offer can also be found on the Interpreter’s Lab website.