Introduction to Interpreting in Community and Public Service Settings (coming soon...)
$97 + GST

​Interpreting in Community Settings
$497 + GST

​Interpreting in Healthcare Settings
$797 + GST

Interpreting in Mental Health Settings
$897 + GST

​Interpreting in Legal Setting
$897 + GST

Register for 2 or more courses and get a reduced rate*

Discounted registration fees for students that register for 2 or more courses. We hope that you will take advantage of these special rates.

​Two (2) courses - $50 off total registration fees (excl. GST)

Three (3) courses - $100 off total registration fees (excl. GST)

Four (4) courses - $200 off total registration fees (excl. GST)

*Course combo discounts are not applicable to the $97 introductory course, are only effect when courses are purchased in full at time of registration, and cannot be combined with any other special offers. Any combination of courses may NOT include duplicate courses (e.g. students registering for 2 Interpreting in Community Settings courses will NOT receive a course combo discount). These combination prices are intended to facilitate students to take more than one course and assist them on the fees.