Please read through this information before you start your course.

About the Blended Learning Model

A blended learning model is one that combines both instructor-led and self-directed sessions in the learning process.

Instructor-led sessions – live sessions

  • These sessions are held either online or face-to-face. Not every course has a face-to-face session.

Self-directed Learning – working on your own

  • You will have access to the online course content for up to 3 months from the start date of the course. The online course content is made available in stages during the course.

Guidelines for Live Online Classroom

When you participate in the Online Classroom, we ask that you observe the following etiquette:

  • Keep your mic turned off if you are not speaking – this reduces background noise
  • Make sure to turn off video if you leave the room
  • If you have to take a phone call, please leave the learning environment – and turn off your video and mic
  • Ask family, friends, etc. to not disturb you while you are in the classroom
  • Always have a notebook and pen handy
  • Have your smart phone or tablet at hand
  • While we recognize that not everyone has the luxury of a private space, we ask that you find as private a space in your home as you can so that the confidentiality of learning environment is preserved.

About the Live Classroom Recordings

The Interpreter’s Lab Blended Programs involve the recording of lessons to enable students to review the session and/or view a missed session. These recordings are only made available to the students that are enrolled in the program and not to students in other courses or programs. The recordings are protected by login, stored securely online on The Interpreter’s Lab website and are removed 3 months after the course start date.

Guidelines for the Recordings

In order to ensure a secure and respectful learning environment we ask all students to:
Observe confidentiality at all times. This includes when you are viewing the recordings as well as when you are participating in the live online classroom.

  • be respectful of your peers
  • protect their information
  • do not share or divulge personal comments made by your fellow students to others outside the group
  • protect names, and contact information

Embrace a “Yes and…” attitude

  • A “Yes and…” attitude means being open to more than one way of experiencing or seeing the world. This allows us to LISTEN to others while also having our own opinions heard and respected.

Model inclusion and diversity

  • Community interpreting is essentially a platform to embrace differences. In this work you will engage with a diversity of people, places, opinions, philosophies, and world views. Even if you will be working with clients that seemingly share a culture with you, you will find diversity within that population as well. As a student we invite you to embrace diversity, and value different ways of being, thinking, and learning. This will help you not only learn, but also become a better interpreter.

Open-mindedness is an asset.

  • Come with the idea to learn new ways of seeing the world around you. You will be astounded and what you open yourself up to.

Added Benefits of Online Learning

In addition to the live session recordings where you can see what the instructor taught, follow along with the lesson, and see what your fellow students said and asked, we also allow students to join any subsequent course for FREE that is the same as the one in which they enrolled for up to 6 months. For example, if you miss Lesson 2 of Interpreting in Community Settings in April, you can join the Lesson 2 of Interpreting in Community Settings when it is next offered (in September). But you must let us know that that is your intention so that we can welcome you to the class.

How to succeed as an Interpreter’s Lab student

At The Interpreter’s Lab we do not assign grades, but we do expect students to achieve a minimum level of participation and engagement, which includes submitting assignments and completing the online course content.

Student Evaluation

Satisfactory (S) / Unsatisfactory (U)

Attendance is mandatory. Students must attend at least 85% of classes in order to pass the course. Evaluation of the course work is broken down into the following weighted rubric:

Participation Punctuality, attendance, engagement 40%
Assignments Assignments 40%
Exit Exam Exit Exam (75% required) 20%

If a student successfully completes the course, they are then awarded either a Certificates of Attendance or a Certificate of Successful Completion

About Certificates

Certificates of Attendance

  • Certificates of Attendance are only issued if students have completed the online learning content in addition to attending the live instructor-led sessions.
  • Students must attend at least 85% of the live sessions (if you cannot attend you can join the next session at no cost for up to 6 months)
  • Certificates are emailed to students after the criteria has been satisfied – including the course evaluation

Certificate of Successful Completion

  • Certificates of Successful Completion indicate that students have not only attended the course but have understood the course material.
  • In order for us to assess what you have learned, you will be required to take an examination.
  • This exam is NOT a certification exam as provided by CTTIC member organizations (see the FAQ’s section of the website for more information) but is to assess your course learning. Of course, successful completion of the exam facilitates a more successful

At The Interpreter’s Lab we are also more than courses. Our mission is to inspire and support interpreters by providing ongoing learning opportunities and support to make theory come alive in practice. We offer professional development sessions, opportunities to learn more about the interpreting industry and networking with other interpreters.

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