Health & Well-being:


  • Financial Planning During COVID-19: updated every 24 hours! – How to survive a financial emergency: A step-by-step EMERGENCY money guide if you’ve lost your income or worried that you will
  • Financial Empowerment: Free financial literacy programs, workshops, and financial coaching (for newcomers, youth, seniors, and low income families) offered by Family Services of Greater Vancouver
  • Medical Services Plan Response to COVID-19 (British Columbia)Temporary Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage may be available to assist individuals in B.C. impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Futurepreneur Canada – Resources for Small Business (yes – interpreters working as freelancers can be considered a small business – conditions apply)
  • Community Resource Bank – a very comprehensive list of resources during self-isolation, organized into financial, physical and mental health, entertainment, creativity, parents, remote jobs

Growth & Development:

Interpreting in the time of COVID-19:

Planning for the Future

We are pretty sure that many of you might be thinking about how to”future-proof” yourself so that when the next emergency hits (it doesn’t have to be a pandemic), you will have other options available. One such option is to work as a remote interpreter – which involves much more than just picking up your phone or signing in online.
That’s right… it’s time to take the plunge


The Interpreter’s Lab is providing payment plans for new and returning students registering in any new courses.

If you are interested in payment plan options, please contact us at