A Simultaneous Shift: Expand your skills. Boost your career. Get ahead of the demand

“Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” – Wayne Gretsky Simultaneous Interpreting workshop and professional development for interpreters that work primarily in consecutive mode. The line between consecutive and simultaneous modes of interpreting are regularly being blurred. Though community interpreting has traditionally been taught and perceived as being primarily or exclusively […]

Online Courses and Workshops – Stay ahead of the curve

There’s an old adage that goes “to be ahead of the curve” which means “to be one of the first to change to a new idea or way of doing something that later becomes generally popular.”[1] These days we are using a different type of curve analogy: “flattening the curve” is an expression about society […]

Keep Interpreters Working and Working Safe

Without interpreters working and working safely, essential communication is jeopardized. And that affects us all. Interpreters foster community cohesion, community safety and community health, and are an integral part of our system. Accurate communication is vital during emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. It has occurred to me, in recent years, that the core concern of […]

Be The Calm In The Storm

As an organization that serves many different clients, it of course came to mind to write a piece relevant for the current crisis that we are all facing as a global community. But then I thought to myself that all of the do’s and don’ts must have already been delivered by the various agencies where […]

The Serendipitous, Eco-friendly Rewards of e-Learning

Some ideas just shine brighter. In 2016 we at The Interpreter’s Lab (and parent company Shifting Pictures Inc.) made the decision to move our courses online. I had never really been a fan of self-directed, online courses for interpreter education and training. At the time that online learning started gaining popularity, the majority of programs […]

Kudos to our Founder & Director – Angela Sasso

Handbook of Research on Medical Interpreting Founder and Director of Shifting Pictures and The Interpreter’s Lab, Angela Sasso, has been recently published in the Handbook of Research on Medical Interpreting – a textbook for interpreting students. Angela’s chapter, titled In Through the Looking Glass: The Discord Between, Practice and Education, looks at the evolution of […]

What is an Interpreter? Educating for Change.

  Just as music is the marriage of notes and pauses, communication is in the verbal and non-verbal alike. In a recent conversation I was having with the manager of an LSP – he, the manager, being new to the industry and field – commented that “interpreting is a very lucrative business” and that he […]

Standards, Certification and Education – how it all connects

Why do we teach what we teach? Who decides what courses and skills interpreters must have? It all starts with professional standards. This year, Canada will host the most important ISO* language standards event, the ISO TC 37 International Meetings. From June 23 to June 28, in Ottawa, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and AILIA (the […]

A Year in Review and a Year in View

A look at local and international events from 2018 – with a view into 2019. There are many perspectives from which to examine the world of interpreting in 2018 – local, national and international. This blog posts examines the events of 2018 from a local perspective, from the perspective of Canada, but even more locally, […]