About Us


Angela Sasso Founder and Director

Founder and Director Angela Sasso incorporated Shifting Pictures Inc. in 2010, but the firm is rooted in a history and expertise that predates its official founding. Since 1989 Angela Sasso has been an active and strategic consultant in community interpreting and intercultural competence. Angela participates as an international expert to the ISO Technical Committee 37/SC 5 Terminology and other language content and resources, and is the Co-chair of the Health Standards Organization, Technical Committee for Communication in Health Services. A veteran educator dedicated to equitable and quality language services, Ms. Sasso brings her extensive industry expertise, her adept stewardship and her talent for building strategic partnerships to Shifting Pictures, where innovative solutions are uniquely designed.

The Interpreter’s Lab is a program of Shifting Pictures and the only Blended Learning Program offering quality interpreter education and professional development in Canada. Based in British Columbia, The Interpreter’s Lab courses are available across the country through an easy-to-access, secure, student portal. Ms. Sasso founded The Interpreter’s Lab in 2013,  inspired to innovate interpreter education and training for interpreters working in specialized settings: community, legal, healthcare, and mental health care.

Angela is a published author, and most recently, a contributing researcher in the internationally referenced Handbook of Research on Medical Interpreting – a textbook for interpreting students. Find out more about this publication in our blog post: https://www.interpreterslab.org/handbook-of-research-on-medical-interpreting/

Young Joe

Young Joe has worked as a professional interpreter, primarily in health care, legal and community, for over 10 years. She is a passionate advocate of language access and the professionalization of community and health care interpreting.

Before she became the first and only Certified Medical Interpreter in Canada in 2016, she earned her master’s degrees in Translation & Interpreting and in International Relations from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia in 2008.

YJ is an enthusiastic interpreter educator, she teaches interpreting skills in English to students with all the language combinations. She also offers inter-professional training on “How to Work with Interpreters” to students in medicine, nursing, audiology, speech & language pathology and social work disciplines at UBC.

Young Joe is the past Vice President of STIBC and teaches interpreters at SFU and VCC in addition to The Intepreter’s Lab.

Kawal Kahlon

Kawal is an industry veteran, with over 30 years of experience. She is a Certified Court Interpreter and Certified Translator that has worked across Canada as well as internationally. Kawal was the first Certified Community Interpreter in Canada (2016) by CTTIC.

Kawal is past President of STIBC, where she also held the title of Public Relations Officer and is currently the Chair of Community Interpreting with the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO), and Past President of the Court Interpreters Association of Ontario (CIAO).

An expert instructor that has taught Court Interpreting and Community Interpreting Programs in both Canada and the U.S., she holds a Master of English Literature degree and a Bachelor of English with Honours.

Kawal has authored and prepared legal and medical lexicon guides, has provided inter-cultural consulting services, and has worked with the Law Education Society as a South Asian outreach worker.