Join us on April 21 and May 19 and get your social media working for you!

Two back-to-back guest speakers that will get you started on the right path.

I must admit it, I am not the most consistent person when it comes to social media. In fact, days could go by when it comes to checking my Instagram or LinkedIn accounts. And literally weeks can pass before I open Facebook or Twitter. It’s not that I have any sort of aversion to social media, it’s quite honestly because I’d rather be doing other things. And on one hand, that is a healthy way to be about social media (if you’ve not yet seen the film The Social Dilemma, I highly recommend you do). Studies have shown the detrimental effect that social media can have on our mental health and well-being. But the reality is also that social media can be a good thing. It helps us stay connected to family and friends around the corner and around the globe, it exposes us to new ideas, products, or services and it can create a community and a feeling of belonging for many people. The point being that we need to use social media, not allow social media to use us.

But for small business owners, like me and you, social media is an absolute necessity. Small business owners, including solopreneurs like freelance interpreters, benefit greatly from social media. It is a free way to advertise yourself and put your brand and best self out there. If you want to grow, connect, and cultivate new clients, then social media is a must.

But is it as easy as just putting up a picture, or a quote or liking someone else’s post? It is not. Social media done right can expand your world and your place in it. Social media done incorrectly can be a waste of your time or can even hurt your public profile. And of course, as interpreters working for a variety of agencies, and for a variety of clients and professionals, we have great responsibility. We must protect and maintain confidentiality, we are to be respectful of our colleagues and, moreover, we should channel support for our profession by always bringing forward the positive.

This year at The Interpreter’s Lab, we bring you two back-to-back sessions (April and May) that will give useful tips, tools, and guidance on how to put yourself out there and grow your business. On April 21, Mike Lemay will present on Social Media as a Marketing Tool and in May Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo speaks to us about LinkedIn 101 – A Guide for Interpreters. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for professionals, so an important part of your social media skill set.

You can find out more about each of our speakers before you join us by checking out their social media in advance. And come ready for some questions for these two wonderful speakers.

Mike Lemay:  Mike the Interpreter

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo: M|Z

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The Social Dilemma: Social Media and Your Mental Health

Social Media and Mental Health:

The Social Dilemma (on Netflix)